QAFP certificate


QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) was developed in 2009 at the initiative of the Union of Meat Industry Producers and Employers - an organisation bringing together companies operating in the meat industry. By decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of 11 December 2009, it was recognised as a national food quality system.
The QAFP system is targeted at breeders, processors and distributors of meat products (pork and poultry). The QAFP certificate confirms that the products are of high quality and safe. Breeders are obliged to maintain high standards of breeding and veterinary care in order to ensure appropriate living conditions for animals. The QAFP system defines the responsibility of each participant in the supply chain for ensuring quality and safe manufacturing conditions in order to increase consumer confidence on the markets of the whole European Union. The QAFP marking of a product indicates that quality standards are maintained at each stage of manufacturing.
Benefits of QAFP certification:
- enhanced credibility of breeders, producers and distributors on the consumer market,
- increased consumer awareness in the context of developing shopping habits for proven products,
- care for product quality, a comprehensive approach to quality at each stage of the manufacturing process,
- care for the environment and animal welfare.
The QAFP system is of multi-product nature. This means that the industry Workbooks dedicated to particular sectors of the meat industry contain production and quality requirements for each stage of manufacturing.
The Quality Assurance for Food Products (QAFP) "Lunch Meats (Cold Custs)" - covers strictly defined cold cuts divided into groups according to the degree of mincing and type of meat, detailed characteristics of the raw material,flow of the manufacturing processes, and the physical and chemical parameters of the finished product. All the features of the system mentioned above guarantee the presence of lunch meats of repeatable high quality on the market.
The quality of lunch meats (cold cuts)manufactured under the QAFP system results from the requirements fulfilled by the producer in the process of raw material preparation and manufacture, and is appropriate for particular categories of pork, beef and poultry cold cuts.
What are the features of the QAFP system?
- It covers all links in the production chain within the "field to table" concept;
- It builds the credibility of food chain players in the eyes of the consumer;
- It is open to new partners - anyone who meets certain standards can join it;
- It is certified by independent certification bodies accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation;
- It standardises the entire journey that food takes from the farmer to the consumer;
- It includes procedures to guarantee the safety and higher quality of food with the QAFP mark.