Wierzejkiis a company dealing with slaughtering, partitioning and manufacture of meat and its preparations in the form of lunch meats and delicatessen products. It is one of the largest private companies of this type in the Podlasie Region. During almost 30 years of its activities focused on the highest quality of production, it has gained thousands of satisfied consumers. Certified products, such as Pork kabanos sausage and Brunswick brawn, have been awarded the "QAFP" mark which is granted to food products of the highest quality.

QAFP-certified Pork Kabanos Sausages

Kabanossausage isa thin, long sausage made of cured pork that is carefully dried and smoked. Itsexternal layer is dry and evenly wrinkled. The surface of a pork kabanos sausages is light brown to brown in colour, and dark pieces of meat and light pieces of fat are visible in cross-section. The name “kabanos” comes from the Turkish language, from the word “kaban”, or hog. It is one of the most popular types of sausage in Poland. QAFP-certifiedpork kabanos sausagesmanufactured in Wierzejki are made from pork meat and carefully selected spices. High-quality raw material, appropriately selected seasonings and a special technological process give our kabanos sausages a unique taste and tenderness. It is an excellent appetiser or snack - perfect for a long evening with your favourite film series, for a meeting with friends or a quick snack at work.

QAFP-certified Brunswick Brawn

Brawn is a type of offal product made from edible parts of pork head with the addition of fat, offal, pieces of meat, rind and spices. Brawn meat is cured, cooked and seasoned accordingly. The mass thus prepared is filled into natural casings and steamed.
QAFP-certifiedBrunswick brawn is a return to the taste of the past and homemade pig slaughtering. QAFP-certifiedBrunswick brawnfrom Wierzejki owes its excellent taste to the top-quality ingredients: pork meat and aromatic spices. Its unquestionable advantagesare not only its rich taste profile, but also pieces of lean meat from pork heads visible in cross-section which both taste great and also look fantastic. The production process is crowned with closing the brawn in a natural casingwhich not only gives the brawn its shape but also ensures freshness and natural taste. This brawn must not be missing at any feast.

QAFP-certified Swine Breeding

For a wide group of more demanding consumers, the quality of products is an important distinguishing feature. The quality of swine bred according to the QAFP quality system is guaranteed to be high and stable. Our porkers are bred with respect for the principles of the welfare and health of animals and the environment.They are under constant veterinary supervision and fed with natural and healthy feed, in modern and properly equipped piggeries. A systematic quality control proves the high quality of breeding and meeting of the standards required by the quality system at each stage of manufacture.