About the project

The main idea of our information and promotion campaign is to reach the largest possible number of recipients, namely, those who, on a daily basis, do the grocery shopping in their households and to provide them with knowledge about products marked with the "QAFP" Certificate i.e. Quality Assurance for Food Products. We focus mainly on people who care about the quality of products they buy and consume.
Our products, QAFP-certified pork kabanos sausages and Brunswick brawn, are characterised by the highest quality that ismonitored at each stage of manufacturing. Under the System of Quality Assurance for Food Productsthat covers strictly defined lunch meats (also known as cold cuts), the parameters of raw materials used for production, course of subsequent manufacturing processes and parameters of the finished products are specified in detail.Thesedefining features of the system ensure that the production of high quality cold cuts is guaranteed.
The secret to the popularity of our certified products rests in many factors. First of all, it is the quality maintained throughout the whole process "from field to table". It is also contributed bynearly 30 years of tradition and thousands of satisfied customers. For us, high quality is the key value on the way to building lasting relationships with consumers. We make every effort to meet their expectations while taking care about continued improvement of our products supportedwith quality certificates.
Through the actions included in the campaign, we want to increase consumer confidence in Polish breeders and producers by emphasizing the benefits of eating QAFP-certified products. Pork kabanos sausages and Brunswick brawn certified with the QAFP Quality Certificate are characterised by top quality monitored at each stage of manufacturing process. The quality of cold cuts manufactured under the QAFP system results from the obligations imposed on the producer in the process of raw material preparation and during the entire manufacturing process. The whole journeyof food handling from the farmer through the processor to the consumeris standardised according to the certificate procedures.
Taking into account the ever-growing competition in the pig production, producers want to stand out from their competition with the top quality products by obtaining quality certificates. The QAFP systemprovides such a quality certification. And this certificate is something that MichałGrochowski,a swine producer, can boast about. According to the certification assumptions, MichałGrochowski's farm ensures a comprehensive approach to quality at every stage of swine breeding. The certified swine originating from MichałGrochowski'spig farm is a raw material for the manufacture oftop-quality meat products. MichałGrochowski, a QAFP certifiedpig breeder, provides the most optimum conditions for breeding by taking care to provide the swine with healthy and natural feed, constant veterinary supervision, spacious and properly equipped piggeries. All these factors enable the farm to obtain top quality pork.
We want the "QAFP" mark that is present on our products to become recognisable and established in the consumer consciousness as one of the factors affecting buying decisions. Activities included in this campaign will enable us to communicate the benefits of consuming our QAFP-certified products. These activities will be implemented with the useof many mass media channels, including: social media, press. Please, feel invited to follow our promotional campaign.